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Suspect Mold Growth? Look Out For These Signs

Mold is a natural occurrence that grows all around us, but the last place you want to see it is in your home or business! Most mold is easily recognizable, but it goes unnoticed by many. This is because mold can be passed off as dirt or be located in a spot that is easily hidden. Before you can begin tackling mold and prevent it from happening, it is important to know what to look for and what to do once you've found it.

Signs of Mold

1. Excess Moisture: Mold grows best in conditions where there is excess moisture and high humidity. Even if excess moisture is not present, the presence of high humidity can lead to the growth of mold spores.

2. Water Damage: If you notice wallpaper peeling off the wall or a stain has appeared on the drywall, that could be due to water damage. If there is a leak in an area, the growth of mold spores may be occurring.

3. Musty Smells: The presence of a musty smell is related to mold being present or excess moisture. Sometimes the mold is not visible even when there is a smell, so you should thoroughly inspect your home before any mold problems get worse.

4. Health Symptoms: Mold has an adverse effect on your health. Some common allergic reactions to mold included sneezing, sore eyes, and nasal congestion. If you notice these allergic reactions are worse when you are at home or work than when you are elsewhere, it is likely you could have mold.

Once you suspect you have mold in your home or business, it is important to call professionals right away to remediate it. DLOM specializes in mold remediation and will ensure that the mold is not only removed, but that the contaminated area is cleaned to prevent additional mold spores from growing.

To learn more about DLOM's mold remediation service, visit the 'Our Services' tab of our website!

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