• Ann Warren Harless

Are You Cleaning Your Kitchen Hoods?

Did you know that one of the leading causes of kitchen fires is due to uncleaned kitchen hoods? This is because of the residual grease that is left over from all of the meals prepared on the stove. Depending on the volume of cooking and the conditions you want your staff to be working in will depend on how often you should clean your kitchen hoods.

How Often Should You Clean Your Kitchen Hood

Monthly: if your system serves solid fuel cooking operations

Quarterly: if your system serves high-volume cooking operations, such as 24-hr, charbroiling, or wok cooking

Semiannually: if your system serves moderate-volume cooking operations

Annually: if your system serves low-volume cooking operations, such as a church, day camp, seasonal business, or senior center

When serviced by DLOM you can be ensured 3 things:

1. We guarantee that your system complies with quality control standards

2. We improve the efficiency of your kitchen hood by removing grease buildup

3. We save money by eliminating the potential of grease fires

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