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Spring Has Sprung - Time For Some Spring Cleaning!

Are you starting to store away your winter jackets and prepare your home or business for warmer weather? If so, chances are you have begun the "spring cleaning" process.

While dusting and vacuuming are the common methods used when spring cleaning, it is a good idea to improve your indoor air quality as well. This means getting rid of hidden dirt, allergens, and mold that has built up and was neglected during the winter months.

Hidden dirt and allergens tend to remain in the air duct system where they recirculate 5-7 times a day, easily being breathed in. Daily exposure to these pollutants can cause a series of health issues such as the irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat, along with headaches, dizziness and fatigue. To prevent these harmful effects and improve your indoor air quality, it is extremely important to remove the pollutants by cleaning your HVAC system and ducts. Cleaning them this time of year will ensure that there are no problems that could compromise your home's comfort levels in the summer, when the temperatures are high.

Once the air ducts are cleaned of pollutants, the air becomes cleaner and less contaminated, and there is a less likely chance of your system malfunctioning.

Not only should your HVAC system and ducts be inspected, but it is good to be on the lookout for mold. Over the winter months, any water moisture that could have accumulated in the attic or basement has become an attractive environment for mold to grow in. It is important to inspect any problem areas in your home or business that might attract water moisture.

If you have found that mold has already begun to grow in your home or business, or your HVAC system and ducts need to be cleaned before this summer season, contact DLOM Group to ensure your spring cleaning is done the thorough and right way!

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