• Ann Warren Harless

Farewell Summer, It's Time to Prepare for Fall

As beach trips, dips in the pool, and outdoor cookouts come to an end, it is important to start prepping your home for the fall season before you turn on your heat. The following are some tips to prepare for colder weather that can help you save on costly repairs in the future:

  1. Change Filters - filters should ideally be changed each season; a clean filter will help you heat and cool your home more efficiently than a dirty filter

  2. Check for Leaks - prevent drafts and decrease energy waste by sealing windows and doors; don't forget to check for ductwork leaks as well

  3. Start warming up your unit - your HVAC system needs time to adjust to heating and may take time to get back to its proper speed and efficiency; on cooler nights or days turn your system on a low heat setting

  4. Clean up your outdoor unit - check for debris and damage if you have an outdoor unit; remove all debris to ensure proper airflow and prevent dirt or leaves from getting inside the unit and in the coils

  5. Schedule an air duct checkup - best way to prepare your home for fall is to have it regularly cleaned to improve indoor air quality, extend the life of your system and increase the energy efficiency of your business or home

Contact DLOM today to have your HVAC System and Air Ducts cleaned to ensure efficient airflow in the colder months to come!

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