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DLOM Group now STI Fire Stop certified!

DLOM Group is proud to announce that its professional technicians have achieved Specialized Technologies Inc. Fire Stop Certification. This new certification will enable our techs to inspect damage to fire walls and ceiling plenum and provide repair services to any damage or penetration. These services are an imperative need for healthcare and commercial facilities that must maintain code requirements on their fire walls.

Fire Stops are often damaged due to the increasing frequency of IT upgrades as cables are run through facility walls and ceiling. Even routine plumbing projects and room upgrades can cause easily ignored but very dangerous penetrations to critical fire walls. DLOM can now offer a service to repair this damage. Our repairs will bring the integrity of the Fire Stop back up to code at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Our techs can also come out and inspect areas where work was recently done to ensure your fire stop system remains fully intact and 100% safe.

Some of the highlights of our service include:

· Remove cables, wires, Flex conduit and other objects found attached to Sprinkler Lines and hangers

· Install hangers, cable ties, etc. to hang or support items removed from Sprinkler lines

· Install electrical j-box covers as needed

· Install appropriate Fire Stop material in Pipe Penetrations thru Concrete Floors & Ceilings. Drywall Walls & Ceilings

· Provide documentation including before & after photos of each penetration requiring Fire Stop

Learn more about our Fire Stop services here: and give us a call today to set up a time for our techs to visit your site for an inspection! (859) 554-3354

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