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New Energy Targets Could Result in High Costs for KY Hospitals

There is no longer a question of if new regulations for energy efficiency are coming to our state- it’s now a question of when. New targets for energy conservation are increasingly being adopted by state legislatures. Recently Washington state adopted ordinances that penalize hospitals $5000 plus $1 per square foot per year for facilities that fail to meet energy targets. With these changes on the horizon, many of our KY healthcare facilities need to evaluate their energy consumption and begin instituting improvement plans in order to not be caught off guard.

The good news for our local hospitals is that the American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE) has many tools available for facilities to track energy consumption as well as set benchmarks that will ensure realistic regulations are set forth. Additionally, partnering with a company like DLOM that offers a full suite of energy-saving services can be a powerful tool for hospitals as they try to work towards more energy-efficient regulations.

ASHE offers a tool kit to hospitals called Energy to Care that can allow facility managers to track energy consumption as well as educate themselves on useful tips for conserving energy. Many of the tips that can be found on the Energy to Care site revolve around the services we offer through DLOM. Routine maintenance and cleaning of HVAC systems is an obvious tip that can be found on the site. Less obvious suggestions include Hot Water and Steam Coil cleaning as well as Kitchen Exhaust Hood cleaning and inspection. We offer all of these services and more through DLOM and we’re always happy to discuss more in-depth solutions with facility managers in our region!

For more information on ASHE we encourage you to visit

We are also huge supporters of the Energy to Care program and encourage everyone to learn more here

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