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Regular Exhaust Hood Cleaning Vital for Commercial Kitchens

Kitchen exhaust cleaning is required by law for nearly every commercial cooking establishment in the United States. Every commercial kitchen has a set up of duct work and hoods over commercial stoves designed to expel smoke, steam, and fumes outside the building. Whether you are a facility manger for a restaurant, hotel, or hospital, regular hood maintenance is imperative to keeping your kitchen safe.

As exhaust gas is expelled through your kitchen hood, grease and other residues quickly build up. Once these residues begin take hold a serious fire hazard forms. Approximately 1 in 3 kitchen fires start as a result of grease. The situation is not hard to imagine- a flame flares up from the stove entering the kitchen hood, grease within the hood provides accelerant fuel, the fan meant to pull gas out of your building quickly spreads the fire. Very quickly a bad situation becomes worse and your facility can be in serious danger.

In order to prevent this situation regular cleaning of kitchen hoods must be scheduled by facility managers. Both scraping and pressure washing techniques can be used to clear residue. However, it is not only the outer hood that needs attention. The duct work, filters, and fans of your kitchen hood unit must also be thoroughly cleared during the cleaning process. In order to ensure your hood maintenance is done properly and will pass inspections, it is best to partner with a professional service provider.

DLOM group offers deep cleaning Kitchen Hood services throughout central Kentucky that we guarantee will pass your inspection criteria. We also provide thorough inspection and cleaning reports to help you keep track of your systems and know when you need to schedule your next maintenance cleaning. Give us a call today at 859-554-3354 or visit to schedule an estimate for your facility!

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