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Fire Door Inspections

Are You in Compliance?


The NFPA is now requiring that all fire doors be inspected annually with documentation of each inspected door. While NFPA Code 80 can seem like a daunting task to have completed annually, DLOM is here to help. We created our inspections to be quick, simple, and have limited interference. Our technicians are able to inspect all doors and provide a detailed report on their standing. By the end of the inspection, you will have a break down of how your facility complied and what exactly needs to be fixed on each failed door.


What Can DLOM Do?
  • Coordinate re-certfification of existing fire door assemblies

  • Bring all fire doors into compliance

  • Insure that all doors are functional to NFPA 80 standards & life safety codes (NFPA 101)

  • Provide compliance documentation complete with maps and photographs


At the end of your Fire Door Inspection DLOM will send you a report that summarizes what we found. To see a sample of this report click on the link below.

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