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Fire Door Inspections

Ensuring NFPA Compliance for Your Fire Doors

Is your facility in compliance with NFPA Code 80, which now mandates annual inspections and documentation for all fire doors? Navigating these requirements might seem overwhelming, but with DLOM by your side, the process becomes quick, simple, and minimally disruptive. Our dedicated technicians specialize in efficiently inspecting all doors, furnishing you with a comprehensive report on their status. By the inspection's conclusion, you'll receive a breakdown of your facility's compliance, highlighting any necessary fixes for doors that didn't meet standards.

What DLOM Can Do for You:

  • Re-Certification Coordination:

    • Streamline the re-certification process for existing fire door assemblies.

  • Compliance Assurance:

    • Bring all fire doors into compliance with NFPA 80 standards and life safety codes (NFPA 101).

  • Functional Assessment:

    • Ensure that all doors function according to NFPA 80 standards and life safety codes.

  • Comprehensive Documentation:

    • Provide compliance documentation, complete with maps and photographs for a clear understanding of your facility's fire door compliance.

At the conclusion of your Fire Door Inspection, DLOM will send you a detailed report summarizing our findings. Check out our sample report below!

Choose DLOM for a seamless and efficient process that keeps your facility up to code. Contact us today to schedule your Fire Door Inspection and ensure the safety and compliance of your premises.

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