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Terminal Cleaning

Keeping your medical facilities clean is a MUST!It has been found that healthcare workers are cleaning and disinfecting only 30 to 50 percent of the surfaces that should be disinfected. This is where DLOM steps in! Our teams specialize in a multitude of cleaning services that aid in containing and controlling Healthcare Associated Infections. 


What Can DLOM Do?
  • Thoroughly wash and disinfect all partitions, walls, doors and door knobs

  • Dust and disinfect light source box, HVAC diffusers and procedure lights

  • Thoroughly wipe and disinfect patient care equipment (beds, gurneys, etc.)

  • Wipe and disinfect counter top sand computers at the Nurse and Doctor Area

  • Dust mop and wet mop floor surfaces using disinfecting solution


  • One out of every 20 patients hospitalized is likely to contract an infection during their stay

  • It has been proven that the five most common Healthcare Associated Infections cost the United States health care system nearly $10 billion per year.

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