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Terminal Cleaning

Elevate Medical Facility Hygiene with DLOM

Maintaining impeccable cleanliness in medical facilities is imperative. Shockingly, it's been discovered that healthcare workers clean and disinfect only 30 to 50 percent of the surfaces that should be disinfected. This is where DLOM takes the lead! Our specialized teams offer a comprehensive range of cleaning services, dedicated to containing and controlling Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs).

What DLOM Can Do for You:

  1. Surface Disinfection:

    • Thoroughly wash and disinfect all partitions, walls, doors, and doorknobs to ensure a pristine environment.

  2. Equipment Sanitization:

    • Dust and disinfect light source boxes, HVAC diffusers, and procedure lights, promoting a sterile and safe setting.

  3. Patient Care Equipment Care:

    • Thoroughly wipe and disinfect patient care equipment such as beds and gurneys, prioritizing the well-being of patients.

  4. Nurse and Doctor Area Maintenance:

    • Wipe and disinfect countertops and computers at the Nurse and Doctor Area, addressing high-touch surfaces.

  5. Floor Disinfection:

    • Dust mop and wet mop floor surfaces using a disinfecting solution for a hygienic and clean environment.

Critical Facts:

  • Infection Risks:

    • One out of every 20 patients hospitalized is likely to contract an infection during their stay, highlighting the importance of rigorous cleaning protocols.

  • Economic Impact:

    • The five most common Healthcare Associated Infections cost the United States healthcare system nearly $10 billion per year. Our services aim to mitigate these costs by preventing infections and ensuring a hygienic environment.

Trust DLOM for specialized cleaning services that go beyond the ordinary. Our commitment is to enhance the hygiene standards of medical facilities, ensuring a safe and sterile environment for healthcare professionals and patients alike. Contact us today to schedule your medical facility cleaning and promote a healthier healthcare environment.

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