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STI Certified Fire Stop/Ceiling Plenum Inspection and Repairs

Elevate Fire Safety with Certified Fire Stop Services

At DLOM Group, we recognize the critical role fire stops play in maintaining the safety and compliance of your facility. Especially vital at joint locations and penetrations in fire walls, fire stops ensure your building remains up to code, prioritizing the safety of your occupants. As buildings undergo IT upgrades and remodels, the demand for certified Fire Stop inspection and repair services is on the rise.

Our Certified Fire Stop Services Guarantee:

  1. Expert Installation:

    • Deploy a Specified Technologies Inc. Certified Fire Stop Installer to the job site, ensuring precision and quality.

  2. Comprehensive Project Support:

    • Provide all necessary labor, materials, and equipment for a seamless and efficient project execution.

  3. Thorough Removal and Support:

    • Remove cables, wires, flex conduit, and other objects attached to Sprinkler Lines and hangers. Install hangers, cable ties, etc., to support items removed from Sprinkler lines.

  4. Electrical J-Box Covers:

    • Install electrical J-box covers as needed to enhance safety and compliance.

  5. Effective Fire Stop Installation:

    • Install appropriate Fire Stop material in Pipe Penetrations through Concrete Floors & Ceilings, Drywall Walls & Ceilings.

  6. Detailed Documentation:

    • Provide comprehensive documentation, including before and after photos of each penetration requiring Fire Stop, ensuring transparency and accountability.

  7. Adherence to Standards:

    • Execute work in strict accordance with NFPA & STI Fire Stop standards, guaranteeing the highest level of compliance.

We take pride in introducing this essential service to our Central Kentucky customers, reinforcing our commitment to fire safety. Trust DLOM Group for certified Fire Stop repairs that prioritize both code adherence and the safety of your facility.

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